Made for the people who love TV - Before activating the, users need to add the Hulu channel to their smart TV box from the Google Play store.

What is Hulu?

Hulu is just a popular streaming service like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube, but it is different in many ways, on others, you can access to popular series earlier, and here you have to wait a week or a day for them in some cases to watch. In contrast to cable connections, Hulu tariffs are cheaper and no longer require hidden fees after about a year. process

  1. Open hulu application in your smart tv.
  2. Login hulu account
    • If you are a new user then create a new account for hulu
  3. When login to hulu account in TV, a 6 digit hulu activation code will be displayed
  4. Now open site - in your web browser
  5. Enter hulu activation code which looks like: "JULY19"
  6. Click on "Activate" button and login to your account
  7. Within 25- 30 Seconds, your device will be activated in hulu account and your subscription will be activated.

Hulu activation troubleshoot

The process to activate Hulu on your device is very easy and you can watch your favorite programs without any issues. If you are still encountering problems while connecting your device, or hulu activation then feel free to contact on for support.